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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008
12:09 pm
In need............
of a out of control fantasy football team name, we win cash and prizes for best name...

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
2:57 am
2 random thoughts, but it turned into nonsense
I was sitting at the office tonight, and they were showing that stupid ass competitive eating rubbish, and a light bulb went off in my head, and I wondered why there is not a competitive drinking league, I know Id get booked for that, hell,I know I can smoke everyone in state save for possibly ryan, ( i gotta catch him on a bad day) and hak, hak wakes up with a .679 blood alcohol level, and on may 10th its drunk vs drunk Sebastian Dark vs Sandman in kingston,pa. its gonna be spectacular. 3 months notice, Im not used to that, I usually wait for Spiker to see it on a website.

on the 2nd thought,
I know some friends like him, but I just dont get it,
Jack Black is not funny, I dont get it, the boat left and I wasn't on the boat, explain it to me, I put Jacko in the same boat as Sandler, Ben Stiller,and Jim Carey, how you get booked to pretty much be the same guy in EVERY movie, save for a few minor changes , and people still go to theses movies amazes the shit out of, Steve Carell(sp) is on the same path.

Its also sad to say that Will Farrell is on that road too, and that makes me sad, because in reality, he is the same as the above mentioned, hes just actually ..whats the word... umm. oh yea, Funny.

Maybe in my drunken dillusions I dont see it, and I dont think I ever will.

Its like listening to Dave matthews , the same shitty sound with the same shitty lyrics, and he included shitty dancing, he just needs to die really, and not in some tragic way so fans can cry about him, someone needs to build a time machine go back in time, and punch his mom in the stomach 666 times in her 8 month of labor. Fuck I hate him

Im on a slow path to Rageville soon, I feel it slowly burning and ill prob stub my toe in like 2 hours and put my hand through drywall.

I can feel it. and I dont know why. maybe its because im sober today, maybe its the fact that im sober today, maybe its that my car is crap, and will cost me about 7 bills to fix AGAIN. maybe its the fact that I like in a nice house in the middle of nowhere, 6 acers, but because i like in the dark ages Im typing this on motherfucking dial up. because no cell network works here, and when the city about 20 miles away get 4 in of snow, I get fucking 15.Maybe its that every show I do is at least 3 hours away, and gas is $3.54 here.

I had a job offer in manhattan, and one near philly that I can take coz I started school in jan, that makes me sad too, coz it would have ruled to move either place, philly I can punch Mcnabb, and NY, i can stack Jeremy Shockey, and Eli Manning and jump off the statue of liberty with the biggest Ghetto stomp EVER!!

"bad boys bad boys whatca gonna do, whatca gonna do when they come for you" ( cops just came on in the background)

If I were Roger Clemens Id go all Jack Nicholson from a few good men and go "Youre damn right I did steroids, it got me filthy rich, championships, and you can shove the HoF up your ass"
Fuck the mans loaded, who cares what his legacy will be,
Hes rich, bitch.
Id also like to say, GO METS.

Do farts have lumps?

one time I made "teddy Ruxpin" do bad things to my cousins "Kid Sister" doll. She was a slut, not my coz, the doll.

Do you know for $15 you can be a minister in the universal life church, and then you can make anyone a saint for $10? I do....

I just needed a moment, so I ate a twix bar, and time didnt stop like in the commericals, coz if it did, Id be eating twix a lot during sexual encounters.

I wish Iron Maiden was still touring, I wish I had a 7 ft tall Eddie costume from the "Number of the Beast" album. Steve harris, best bassist ever.

( I wonder how this would all be if i was loaded?)

I think Im done now.
you want that 15 min of wasted time. ( wasted time, great skid row song) ok now 16 min of that time back, Ill take you out for a drink if you do.
Saturday, February 16th, 2008
1:56 am
good times
i talked to macky on AOLIM tonight,   he misses Sam, Joe, Ryan, and noah
and dammit  so do it
Monday, February 4th, 2008
2:45 am
Every year at this time I die a little more inside
Because  now that football season is officially over  ( no the pro bowl DOES NOT COUNT). It invites the plague that is on us for over 8 months, and even when football return, it still makes me sad,  and that plague is...


god help us all

Id rather watch an 8 month marathon of the snorks and fraggle rock.

wait, no  Id  prob watch that anyways

fuck nascar Ill drink to more fatalities on turn 2, well maybe not fatalities, just career ending accidents
Sunday, September 9th, 2007
10:16 pm
     My dear love, I do aplolgize for my love affair, I cheated on you, and for that I will be forever sorry, I was blinded by propaganda, and ballyhoo. I cheated on you, I left you for another, and will never  ever
do it again..   ( Im full of shit,  yes will ).  Im sorry America,  for leaveing you for a dirty whore, named Canada.

Thats how I felt when I returned over the border form Canada, at 4 am. But  that  not the story read more  for the whole  boring story.  You already clicked the link to read this,   so fuck it.. read on.....

      I started my adventure ar around 10 am saturday morning,  excited at the fact that, I will actually get to spend  time outside of the Toronto airport,  this would be the 1st  time I actually crossed  the border in an automobile.The drive itself was utterly  boring and uneventful. The only highlight was, the fact that the roads in NY were actually smooth roads and not,  I repeat  NOT the 230 miles of rumblestrips and potholes that the I-81 is  in  PA. Outside of that  NY drivers are  moreover  speed limit following pussys, and  I have road rage, so that did not sit well with me. Many variations of the "Fuck"  word  was   pouring out from my liquored ruined voice box.

On a side note more  proof that  PA  is  retarted,  I drove 138 miles on  a  I-90 in NY  a tool road, it costs me  $5.10.  To drive from Carsile to New Stanton,  roughly 150 miles, its  a  whopping 10-by-god-damn-fuck me in the ass and not give ame a reacharound-dollars.   WTF


     So 5 hours   of driving and Howard Stern go by and I find myself sitting in line at the border, in the wrong lane, the lane for tractor trailers mind you, and coulndt get out, because the Royal Canadian Mounted Douchebags   ( RCMD ) wait to warn you to be in the left lane about 30 seconds form the checkpoint. So I cut off some old lady  who I  swear to God, babysat Jesus.  So now I'm sitting  in  the 3rd lane  out of 7 at the border, and  for some reason all caars  to the left and the right are going by me, yet my line  moves not at all. I lok to my Co-Piolt and said,  basically  that  we must  have the pain in the ass  in the booth.  Well FINALLY I get to the booth, and this miserable Old bag with curly red hair and really weathered skin   (  skin like  on a 30 year old  woman  who  tans entirely too much ) starts  asking the normal questions .....One question being

" Do you work?      I  answer no," I dont ma'am"  To which she  asks  " Why dont you work? " in this really miserable voice.
What business is it of hers to even ask that question, I can be independently wealthy, I can be handicapped, I can be a trust-fund baby,  not everyone needs  employment.....

So I answer.  " I dont want to, nor do I need to, what  does this have to do with anything? "

  Then she proceeds to ask me in a 3 min. time frame  How long I am going to be in the country.  Which  was  1-2 days depending  on  if  I get drunk tonight.  I wasn't being a smart ass  ( yet!.. Ill get to that )  So she asks again,  now anyone who knows me I loathe  stupid people. So now I'm getting pissed, and the next time she asked me I told her  .....  

" Do I have a stutter, or are you just a little slow ? This is the 5th time Im telling you  1-2 days, are you a retarted or just hard of hearing?  ( which  I also gave her the sing language version of  1 -2  on the fingers of my hand incase  she was  like Helen Keller )

I already knew I was  going to get searched,  so i didnt care what I  said to her, and guess what..  I got to go visit the customs  office....

    Walking into the office I  was polite, the prior events were not  this guys fault, so no need to be a dick.  Gave him my passport, he ran it through, gave it back, then I asked him to use the  mens room,  ( Yes  even I have to pee sometimes )  He gave me this yellow paper like a hall pass, and  told me to give it to the fat man  outside.  I did then he get this......   PATS me down like Im Kindgom James getting pulled over in NY after  having a warrant out for my arrest.  

" What the Fuck are you  doing ?"  I ask.
" Lookin for weapons and drugs now be quiet, sir"

SO after he figures out Im not threat ,  allows me to potty, to which he stands BEHIND me watching......
I had to do it... I had to say it...

" You know if you stand to the side and not behind me,  you can get a better view, but get close, I only have about 3 inches to work with"

he said nothing....

Back outside we go and  he asks me to unlock the car and  sand on the curb while they search it. OK whatever....
After the search is done,  which they trashed my moms car, ripped the panels off the back, didnt put anything back, then walks to me and asks

" Whos car is this?'

" My Moms."  and I gave him her name.

" Does she know you have it, and you are taking it to canada?"

" Yes, why wouldnt she,  do you think  Im stupid enough to steal  my own mothers car, then try to  come across the border with it? "

Just shook his head, and said you are free to go... It gets  a little  better

Get to the next toll booth, and its $3 to get in... no problem right.    Well I crossed over in  Niagara Falls, and if you cross there you know this too..   The road into Canada was the closest thing to a dirt road without having dirt. Just wide enough to fit a car, and one lane. I paid 3 buck for this?  holy hell..

Canada is not  what I really expected.  I expected candycane roads, and lollipop waterfalls. Munchkins  waving to you from the side of the road.  All I saw was construction, and slow driving, and something  called a kilometer, whatever the hell that is. No cotton candy clouds, no bananna cream pie fields.. Just construction, and bad driving.  

They do have cool cop cars, though.   It has a Knight Rider-esq  red light in the front grill.

This whole trip was to  go and  be part of a promotion I was the 1st ever Chamipon for  " The Union " "UIPW"

www.wrestlersunion.ca       ( I get  20 bucks every time i shill it)..

So I get to the venue, see some IWC guys,  SJK  goads me into buying him a beer, ( hell hes in a stable with me, so that  is worth a beer, it  raises my stock  exponentially.I lookmore important just being in the ring at the same time... even if just by assocation )..

Beer was  $3.75  for domestic.. If this is the way a country get universal healthcare, by jacking the price of beer,  then  fuck the people  who need health care,   dont  fuck with my beer prices.. thats  bullshit  bad enough its  $4 and change for gas.  

3 beers later its  time for the show.   I wont really get into that, as if you go to

www.wrestlersunion.ca   (  cha-ching )  you can read the results there. of dont be cheap, and order the DVD  which you can get soon at  

www.wrestlersunion.ca    (   $$$$ )

The ride  back home to the border  was less than stelar, got to the border, and ever fiber of my being wanted me to get out of the car,  and leave a steaming pile of fiber right on  the border to show my love for this place, but I didnt have to go, so I didnt,  I could have T-Bagged  Canada though.  that was an afterthough.

Got to the border... was  at the booth for about 2 min, and done..   GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!

Got home around 9ish,  didnt sleep, went to the bar to watch the football games,  listened to ESPN  blow smoke up our ass by saying  Big Ben is back to the  Ben that was in  the Superbowl, well if that was true,  Ben  would have had zero passing touchdowns,  and  one rushing  TD,  that really wasnt a TD.
Ben  had  4 yesterday,   I hope he gets  cancer of the face soon,  but he wont  coz  the pavement  and the car he rode into  illeglly on his  unliscenced bike, made his faceinto a metal face, with a pasted on  facial hair..

so  in closing...   The show was fun..  Thanks   to  AKJ  for giving me a spot.

canada was not very fun,   bad roads, and  bad grammar. miserable border patrol, and overpriced gas/beer

I will return,   I have to show those  Canadian sissys  how to actually  consume  alcohol.  Its the one thing Im truly good at...

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007
9:56 pm
Its not easy.. found that out

This one is called "Name Ten Songs Begining with this letter and tell me why they made this list" meme. I got the play in from .akiramich

1. "Head Like a Hole": Nine Inch Nails.       It  just  fires  me  up,   I  dare anyone to  NOT  get  angry  and  want  to  step  on  babies heads, and  push   handicapped  people into  the  street.

2.  "Hector's Final Hour":  Man O War       Its  part of  " Achilles,Agony,and Ecstasy in Eight Parts "  off the  Triumph Of Steel album.     Its  the  story  of  Hector and Achilles   its  a 24 min  song   broken into  8 parts,  and this is the part   Where  hector  is  killed  and is  dragged  around the battle field.    I  highly recommend  listening  to this entire  song.

3.  "Hangar 18"  Megadeth :  Drugged up  Dave Mustane  is  Good  Dave Mustane

4.  "Hail The Leaf "  DOWN :     Its  just  an  awesome  song  from  back  in 95. about  smopking weed and what not,  but  Its a great  change from Pantera  Phil   good  song  for the  gym. 

5. " Heresy "  Pantera  :    Not  the  best  Pantera song,  but  its  the only one  I can think off  off my head  with   H

6.  "House of Fire" :  Alice Cooper:   Lets build a house of fire baby!!!    for a  " shock horror  type gimmick..  the  man  is  and  was  actually  very talented, and  had  an ass load of  good  songs.

7. "Heading for a Heartbreak"  Def Leppard  :    Further proof  that a drummer  with  2 arms   will always be  better than  a one-armed  drummer.

8.  "Hollywood Vampires"  L.A. Guns  :    Yes  I said  LA  Guns,   love  it  you shall..   they were fantastic.

9.  "Hallowed Be Thy Name"   Iron Maiden  :  You knew   they  would make the list,  Bruce Dickinson   at his  best.

10.  " Hangin Tough " N.K.O.T.B   :  kidding   HAHAHA   you know you were singing it in your adolesence

10b.  "The Halloween Theme":     I think Its   self-explainatory

who shall  be  next  on this  fine  adventure?
Monday, July 30th, 2007
10:29 pm
Since Im going to hell anyways
Thank  you  Michael  Vick.   If  it was not  for  you and  your  shennanigans ,  I  could  utter  the  following  phrase  to  my   idiot  dog..

" Knock it  off or  Im  going to send you  to  Michael Vick's  house! "

It  seems  to  calm  him  right  down..

Thank you  Michael  Vick

Thank you

Oh  and I  hope  Barry  Bonds  hits  his  next  homerun  so  damn far  that  he  hits  Hank Aaron  right in the mouth  with  the  ball  while  he  is  pooing  on  his  toilet   home  in  Georiga
Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
5:00 pm
Its time
  For  those  of you  NOT  away   by  now,   i  have   decided   (  in  my drunken  wisdom )   to   rid  this  world  of that   " total gym"  shilling    Chuck Norris.    I  have   gone  to  my  agent kingdomjames to  get  this    fight  sanctioned  and   booked.

Ladies  and gentlemen,    he  needs   a beating,     and  I  will give  him  one,   its  time  for   Walker  to  get on his  walker  and      wobble  off   into  the nearest   adult day care  facility  along  with  nash  Bridges   and  that    freak of  nature  tony  little...

now i sleep
Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007
5:16 pm
qiuck poll
 Amongst my  drunken  retardation  tonight,  a discussion was brought up  about    the best   bassist  in  the  metal  industry.      now   if you  know me..  you  know  who  I  am  picking   already.    but  in  an honest  opinion,   who  wins.

Geddy  Lee   (  sp.   Im  drunk)

Steve   Harris

Cliff Burton. 


 while you discuss,  Im  off to  Reno  Nv,    to  beat  up   a few  greenhorns, then  to gamble  for   4 days beacuse,  well  Im  better than you all,    well   not  all  of  you,  im   not  better  than   Kingdom,  Doe,  Ryan,   or  Mr  Jaggers,   Bobby Jaggers  that is.   hooahhh  If   chuck roberts  ever  answered   txts messages   he  would  be in  that group  too. but  he  dosent. 

Current Mood: giddy
Sunday, March 4th, 2007
4:10 pm
I recently found myself watching "episode 6"   Star Wars,    and outside of me freaking out  that  they  redid the ending, and super imposed the  douche  who  played Anakin   in the  finish, instead  of the guy  who  was  darth vader .

But  it raises a question.

They  said  that  Luke was  the chosen  one,  because  he will  bring  peace to the force,  the  same  was  said of his  father,  but really  Luke  was  just a big pussy who just  stayed on the floor while  Vader  did the face turn,  and chucked the emperor in the pit.
So really  Juke  was  nothing,  and  Obi wan was  correct,  and  Vader was  the chosen one  all the time, coz   technically Vader was the one  after all  who  finally brought  peace to the force..

 henna   or  no?
Thursday, March 1st, 2007
6:19 pm
The fuck is wrong  with  the majority  of you steeler  fans,  know I know   for the most part   you all have  been  hardcore  fans,  but  this  is  the  type  of  douche-tastic  shit  I have to deal with  when  something  dosent  go your  way.  It  makes you look like bandwagon  jumpers.   Like bitching  about   Ben    when  he  was  sucking  last season.,  and  BTW  BEN  DOES SUCK,   I could have taken  the steelers to  the superbowl  with  the offensive line he had that year.  Ben  in any other  offensive system outside of  the steelers   he would  suck worse than he is now. and why he got a free pass,  this year because of the accident,  (  which  would have never happened  if  that asshole  wasnt on a bike  he didnt have a liscense  for in the 1st place)  is  dumbfounding.  Then  the  appindectimy.  Ok  thats  cool,  but  blame  that  big chinned retard for playing him too damn  soon.  Dont blame  Ben   (  and  mark this  down,   I will never  defend  that    douche rocket ever again ).

But  now   the line  isnt  the same,   ben   shows his true self,  and  you turn,  you give him the tommy maddox treatment,  who  didnt suck,   just didnt have a line,  and we.. lll played like Ben   did  this year,    And  fuck you now, and take me off  your freinds list  if  you  can  honestly  say  you DIDNT cheer  Maddox  when he saved you from   Cordell.   and now   all i hear is bitching  coz  Porter  was released,  well you are supposed to be a fan  of the  TEAM,  not  single people,   you  have faith in a team,  not  one  guy.   This is why I hate the steelers,  not  of  the talent on the team,  the ignorance  I have to hear  at the bar, and everywhere else,   because of the  think they know it all fans, who dont  know  anything, ANYONE  who says  maddox  sucks  because  on  one  pick  he threw  which  lost a game,   (  and  BTW   Mcnabb  threw the same pic a few weeks  later,   and  even  the philly fans    were cool  with  it,   same  short pass  picked  and  taken back,  and these  are asshole  eagles fans,   geta grip  even  bradshaw  wasnt that good,   if  anything  was  ever  more true,  in the  Era  of  bradshaw,   Defense  wins  Championships,   was  never more  true!

 look at all of  the   " All of a sudden  Penguins  fans"   you have now,  since  they are playing well.. 

Stop making excuses,  Ive  been  a Mets, Broncos, and Avalanche ( Oilers)  fan  for  20 years,  never made  any excuses, other  than   " we sucked "  today,   you dont see me throwing  jake  under the bus  coz he  sucked  in the AFC championship  last year,  all I said was  our  D  wasnt  doing what they normally did,  and it bit us in the ass..    Or  we  didnt win a World Series   coz  Dwight Gooden and  Darryl Strawberry  were  hyped up  on  coke.  I support the  team. .

Fuck this   Im drunk  you  bandwagon jumpers  piss me off,   Im drunk,   and  Im  drunk. and if you didnt know..  dammit  Im  drunk


 i hope the fleas  of 1,000 camels  infest all of  your  pubic areas
Monday, November 13th, 2006
11:39 pm
Worked Low Ki and Rickey Reyes, over the weekend w/ Doe, I would be lying if I thought I may be in line for the Dam Maff treatment form Ki, but it wasnt to be. I was excited and nervous at the same time, I dont get many oppertunities to do shit w/ bigger names, until i did IWC, I have been treated well there, but this Im my mind was the biggest names I have done, and I didnt want to screw it up, and for the most part It went off real well, I was really happy with it, and was Doe, whos new job only has one downfall, Im not there, he has the best boss EVER... E V E R!!!!

pretty much I am a happy man this week.

and oh yeah.. I met jay Pheonix.
no comment
Friday, November 10th, 2006
6:50 am
drunken quiz time
In respect to the upcoming 7/07 Live action Transformers movie.. I pose this question.. it was a question that befuzzeled us for quite some time tonite, coz we are drunken idiots. its rather very easy..

there is only one rule to this. and that is, " This is on the honor system, no googling, yahooing, asking that asshole jeeves ect... this is purely based on yout transformer knowledge. you are only cheating yourself if you look it up.

and now the question...

What is the name of the pinkish white cubes the transformers fought over, and used for fuel?
Wednesday, October 11th, 2006
7:43 am
any one else see the Spike TV UFC Ortiz/Shamrock 3? and if you did, when they did the mutual respect gimmick at the end, wernt you just begging for Shamrock to heel out and kick him?
Friday, September 29th, 2006
1:03 am
A haiku
I love pain killers and booze. I've never pulled a T.O. He's a douche.
Wednesday, September 27th, 2006
1:29 pm
Speaking of Star Trek...
This conversation started with the Sheep Fuckers after the IWC show this month, and it has reared its ugly head again, so i bring it to you, the Dorks like me who actually watch this hooie.

Who is a better captian,

James T Kirk


Jean-Luc Piccard

and  kingdomjames  if you say Janeway or that fucker that Scott Bakula ( who was the shittiest capt EVER) played I will rip your canadian heart out. :)

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
2:15 am
not a work.. or a joke.
i think I need help.. professional help

thats all
Tuesday, August 29th, 2006
8:11 pm
It all makes sense now!!
Im @ my mothers house for the night, coz well I have laundry, and now washer dryer, but thats not the point of this.

I just found out tonight that when I was born, I didnt have a flippin name for 3 days, 3 fucking days, but that time God had the plants and the trees, in 3 days jesus faked his death and holed himself up to go on a 3 day crack and wine bender. then he emerged and everyone loved him!!

Upon this I was also born 7 lbs 7 oz and my idiot father wanted to name me Segrams!!!

so I think I was born into drinking, I think my issues stem out of the min I shot out of birth canal. Fuck. I need a brew..
Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
11:35 pm
Once again
Fuck you Curt Cobain. the life of a real artist needs to be celebrated Evlis Died 29 yeas ago today.. go out drink eat some red meat. and be erry celebrate the life of a true musician, not of one who shot himself. sure elvis died coz he was a fat fuck, at least he didnt eat a bullet...

fuck curt cobain
12:25 am
Fuck Curt Cobain.. These deaths Meant something
RIP Jerry Garcia.. and if I dont post tommrow RIP Elvis.. 2 big drunken days ahead of me. and this just tops it off. to steal from Ryan.. Im at a breaking point, and Im ready to go all Ken shamrock..

yes the big fat stupid no workrate drunk has feelings, and hes gonna kill someone soon..
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